You KNOW you want to take a listen to The Best of Blasphemy... What the hell is The Best of Blasphemy all about?!? Please rise and join me in reading from from the Hymnal God wants you to buy this CD. She told me. Better make sure the kiddies are out of the room... Get in touch... Confess your sins...
Sister Helen Earth welcomes you to The Best of Blasphemy!

Sister Helen Earth welcomes you to...

The Best of Blasphemy!

Our Lady Of Hopeless Heretics
invites you to enjoy the greatest collection of
sacrilegious silliness this side of you-know-where.

Start your
descent down
the slippery slope
right here:
The Best of Blasphemy on CD!
"The Best of Blasphemy is irreverent soul food for skeptics and wise-asses."
Joe Raiola, Senior Editor of Mad Magazine

"It's a little dicey, but I really liked Sister Josephine."
Father Reginald Foster Senior Vatican Priest

"Religion without Humor Is Blasphemy"
Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein

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